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Rosemary Hair Rinse

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Rosemary Hair Rinse supports natural circulation function to the scalp which may, in turn, promote hair follicle growth. Apple cider vinegar balances the pH of the scalp for optimal hair growth, shine, and vibrancy!*




Pregnancy Safe


Use 2-3 times per week, or as works best for your hair



Rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus) & apple cider vinegar.

About the Herbs

How to Use Hair Rinse by Sacred Oak Apothecary

How to Use

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Divide hair into multiple sections.
  3. Spray 1-2 times per section.
  4. Massage in, brush through and allow to dry.

Note: For best results, use after the shower and allow to air dry. If your hair is on the dryer side, use less spray. If hair is on the oily side, use more spray.

***For external use only***

***Always store in a cool, dry, dark place***

About the

Rosemary Hair Rinse

Who It’s For

  • Those who want to support hair growth and strength
  • Those who want to balance the pH of their scalp
  • Those who want overall naturally healthier hair
  • Those who have fried their hair from too much heat/dye
  • Those with dry, flaky scalps
  • Those with oily scalps
  • Anyone with hair


  • Promotes naturally healthy hair*
  • Balance pH of scalp*
  • Bring more circulation to hair follicles*

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