Hey there! I’m Kristyn Cook, the herbalist and founder behind Sacred Oak Apothecary! I currently reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my fiance and daughter, and I’m excited to show you how to add herbs and herbal formulas to your daily life.

My herbal journey is a long and winding story, with many lessons learned along the way. I first fell in love with herbs while attending Bastyr University for their Naturopathic Doctorate program. During an herbal medicine-making class we had to create any herbal product for any problem. So I created Salveation (the same formula still used today) for my eczema. I was stunned when I used it. After dealing with eczema my whole life, and noprescriptionor specialty lotion ever working, mine was finally gone. That is when I truly got to see how, what I created with herbs, really worked! It was like magic to me, so I decided to leave and switch my focus to Herbal Medicine.

Knowing my educational journey wasn’t over yet, I enrolled in the American College of Healthcare Sciences and earned my Master's degree in Herbal Medicine. It was throughout my Master's program that my love for herbs, and their ancient wisdom, grew. 

I knew that I wanted to help people, share my passion, and play with plants, so I started Sacred Oak Apothecary. My humble beginnings are all thanks to the many friends and family members who allowed me to create beautiful formulas for them; some of which you may even be using today!

Thank you so much for trusting in me, my products, and the herbs themselves. I hope you get as much healing and daily-life magic from these formulas as I have. I am forever grateful for you and your support!


Sensitive Skin Salve

Sensitive Skin Salve is probably my favorite product that I make and is very near and dear to my heart as I made it for my nephew when he was born. This salve is the more gentle version of Salveation, which was the very first product that I made and that began my journey to building Sacred Oak Apothecary. I now love Sensitive Skin Salve even more after using it on my own daughter from head to toe when she was born and my itchy belly when I was pregnant.

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Always Be Calm Tincture

Always Be Calm Tincture is a tincture that has been in the making or evolving since opening Sacred Oak Apothecary. I finally found all the missing pieces that my customers and I needed to keep our calm and not feel so frazzled and on edge once our calm set in. ABC is always on stand-by and at the ready in my house and office.

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Good Vibrations Tea

Good Vibrations Tea was created on intuition, need, and in about 3 minutes. A customer of mine wanted a tea to elevate their meditation experience, but I knew they needed more than just that. I wanted them to be able to unblock chakras that were stuck to be able to fully align with their needs and their higher self’s desires. Try taking it to the next level and make a batch of this tea with full moon water.

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One of the reasons why I started Sacred Oak Apothecary was to be able to work alongside other small businesses, naturopathic doctors, and like-minded individuals. 

What does this mean, you ask? 

If you are a small business owner or in the health field, I can wholesale, retail, and create custom formulas for you and your business. Send me a message here to get started.

You don’t own your own business, but still want to see if I can create a custom product for you? Contact me here, and let me know a bit about what you are looking for.