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Rosemary & Lavender Honey

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Enjoy the robust aromatic flavors of Rosemary mixed with a light lavender aftertaste, all melded well with sweet local honey. Sure to add a bold flavor to your tea, marinades, or treats! *


Local Raw Honey



Boldness with a hint of passion


Children under 1-year-old


Rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), & Raw local honey.

About the Herbs

How to Use

  • Consume the same way as you normally eat honey; in tea, on toast, by the spoonful, in marinades, etc.
  • ***Always store in a cool, dry, dark place***

    About the

    Rosemary & Lavender Honey

    Who It’s For

    • Anyone! (...except vegans and children under 1 year of age)


    • Adds a little sweetness to your tea or food
    • Lung soothing*

    Pairs well with:

    Cough It Out Tea

    Add the sweetness and additional lung-soothing herbs of Rosemary & Lavender Honey to Cough It Out Tea for a sweeter take on this lung-supporting tea, sure to make you feel a little better with every sip.*

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